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The Dora Weiner Foundation, Inc. (DWF) was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Corporation in 1983. The activities of the Foundation are exclusively charitable, educational and scientific with the intent to encourage and promote public knowledge of research in the study of chemical dependence and substance-related disorders and to advocate for the rights of patients being treated for dependence to drugs.

In furtherance of its activities DWF will encourage the exchange of information among persons interested in such study and works through activities which include sponsoring research, conferences, seminars and workshops.

DWF shall conduct any and all activities as are appropriate in connection with any of its foregoing purposes and as are lawful for not-for-profit corporations including sponsoring and producing cinematic, photographic and cultural events to advance and foster the arts.


George Dolger, PhD

Rosalie Falato

Norma Alexander-Lotsof

Howard Lotsof

Dora Weiner

Dora Cohen was born on April 6, 1896, in the vicinity of Kiev, Russia. At the age of 17 she emigrated to the United States on Cunard ship Coronia from London, England and arrived in New York on November 10, 1913. The ship carried 1,550 passengers.

In 1916 she married Max Weiner with whom she had four children: Lillian (rear left), Rose (rear right), Louis (front left) and Arnold (front right).

Dora Weiner died in 1957 at the age of 63.

In 1983, when her grandson Howard Lotsof determined to pursue the development of the experimental medication ibogaine he remembered the love he felt from his grandmother and established the Dora Weiner Foundation in her name to bring a humane therapy to the treatment of addiction.

The attempt to develop a pharmaceutical medication by a not-for-profit corporation was not successful but, the Foundation remains active to meet its principal goal of education.

Please view our projects page and add your support to allow DWF to respond to the difficulties experienced by persons in treatment for chemical dependence disorders.


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The DWF site is a historical archive. With the exception of this message no content has been altered or changed in any manner. Many links will no longer work, most email addresses and phone numbers are outdated (unless you have access to a time machine that connects with the 2000s). For a present-day organization based upon similar concepts (circa 2015) you may want to try visiting GITA.

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